Clinical Trial Supplies and Logistics is one of the key components which can determine the cost and outcome of an entire trial and impact its processes significantly. Therefore, our Clinical Trial Supplies and Logistics team tirelessly works on navigating logistical challenges, maximizing efficiency and ensuring an on-site delivery of investigational supplies.


Our ultimate goal is to set up streamlined clinical trial supply processes. To achieve that we employ resources to avoid overproduction, oversupply, and inventory expiration

Gatis Klaucans Head of OCT Latvia

The R&D stage takes up a major part of a drug value, and therefore it is of utmost importance to avoid delays in supplies delivery, inventory expiration or issues with packaging.
OCT Clinical’s ever-growing presence in a number of regions, where we run operations allows to provide our sponsors with deep expertise in global supply matters, including customs procedures, and local import and export regulations.
We deliver full-range management of medical and pharmaceutical supplies through International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH GCP)-certified contract warehouses.

Clinical Supply Services provided by OCT Clinical

-Lifecycle management
-Global procurement and storage
-Secondary packaging and  additional labeling
-Drug accountability and destruction
-Import of study medication and supplies
-Export of biosamples