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Why Data Management is Essential for Clinical Trials

CDM (Clinical Data Management) is essential to the success of clinical studies, including in multinational studies, where CDM is vital for the handling of vast amounts of data generated simultaneously from different sites across several countries. The process itself is considered the key to ensuring reliable, fast and flexible clinical trials. To accomplish this goal, all steps need to be fully  planned with an integrated scheme, as CDM activities start from the beginning.

The success of clinical trials depends on the accurate gathering, generation, and verification of data. This is because pharmaceutical companies, device manufacturers, researchers, and other life science organizations rely on data management to improve the outcomes and speed of clinical trials.  

Here is a brief explanation aimed at assessing why CDM is considered decisive for studies.

What is Clinical Data Management?

Clinical Data Management is intended to deliver quality data that support the purpose of a study and find answers to the research question and the conclusion to hypotheses.

CDM helps to obtain faster and better results with higher accuracy, as it allows the building of a valid, error-free and solid database.

Data management in clinical studies involves main two steps:

1.   Data collection

2.   Data cleaning 

The main objective of these steps is to collect the maximum amount of information for statistical analysis and to ensure the data are of high integrity and quality by eliminating any errors and likelihood of missing data.

Our team at OCT is dedicated to delivering accurate and high-quality CDM solutions by selecting the most advanced and innovative approach to improve the efficiency of your trial.

Also we have an experienced team of biostatisticians collaborates, scientific experts and medical writers who will optimize data accuracy and integrity and enable you to deliver faster and more accurate results. Read more about our Clinical Data Management and other services here.


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