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[Annual Report] Central and Eastern Europe: Destination of Choice for Big Pharma

Industry Pages™ is a free annual report produced by OCT Clinical for pharmaceutical industry stakeholders and experts. It collates data from numerous public sources into a single brief document, the aim of which is to aid decision-makers who are planning to conduct clinical trials in Central and Eastern Europe. 

The Industry Pages™ report will enable readers to understand and gain insights into the clinical research market in Central and Eastern Europe, along with the landscape, key players, and emerging trends of this market. 

In 2022 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved 37 novel drugs, out of which 25 underwent clinical trials involving research sites in Central and Eastern European countries such as Germany, Georgia, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, and others. Download our annual report to discover why to consider the Central and Eastern European region as a prospective destination for your clinical trials.  

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