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Why Russia is among the hottest clinical trials destinations

Irina Petrova, Director of Clinical Operations for OCT Clinical Trials, elaborated on why foreign sponsors choose Russia as a clinical research arena in her article for Applied Clinical Trials. 

According to the Russian Ministry of Health Registry of the Approved Clinical Trials, in 2018, out of 654 of new clinical trials approved in Russia, more than 50% (385 trials) were initiated by non-local multinational pharmaceutical companies, with the share of multinational, multicenter trials having increased by 2.1% compared to the previous year. The list of companies with the highest number of trial approvals in 2018 is topped by Novartis and Roche (Switzerland). Pfizer (USA) made a leap from 15th place to 3rd/4th, sharing it with Janssen Pharmaceutica (Belgium). Next on the list are AbbVie Inc. (USA), AstraZeneca (UK), and Merck & Co. (USA).

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