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OCT Clinical has unveiled its OCT Oncology™ solution package for emerging biotechs

OCT Clinical, a European contract research organization, has announced the extension of its services via its OCT Oncology™ solution, to address needs in oncology clinical research, with a special focus on emerging biotechs.

With R&D expenses tending to grow incrementally, outpacing revenues over the past couple of years, many pharmaceutical companies, including emerging biotechs, have started looking into more cost effective solutions for their clinical research. Therefore, turning to niche CROs with solid local expertise has become a go-to solution for many small to midsize life science companies from around the globe.

Leveraging its experience in more than 100 oncology trials, with its OCT Oncology offering, OCT Clinical delivers a proven process optimization approach with a highly skilled and dedicated clinical team, and a network of 300 leading oncology clinics across Central and Eastern Europe (Poland, Bulgaria, Spain, Russia, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, Belarus, Czech Republic and Latvia).

To better serve Sponsors looking for a partner for their oncology drug development process, OCT Clinical provides comprehensive feasibility services, exclusive partnerships with 300 leading oncology clinics in 10 countries, up to 4х faster recruitment, access to the right patients (40,000 patients have been enrolled to date) and expertise in more than 45 indications, including Ovarian Cancer, Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, Head & Neck Cancer, and Solid Tumors. The CRO’s clinical development solutions include protocol development consultation by medical experts and biostatisticians who understand the nuances of collecting and evaluating data related to a particular cancer type. The dedicated and well-trained project teams are comprised by oncology-focused medical experts and experienced CRAs.

In addition, OCT Clinical provides clients with special expertise in immuno-oncology studies, a promising area of research. There is an entirely different set of complexities that cause additional delays in immuno-oncology studies. Succeeding in target treatment development requires the use of innovative methods to quickly identify and deliver the right therapy to the right patient. OCT Clinical has been successfully running immunotherapy studies since 2011.

We have a long history as a trusted partner in oncology clinical research for many Sponsors from all over the world. Designing and launching OCT Oncology is a strategic move to meet our Sponsors' needs within the drug development landscape and to optimize the delivery of quality clinical data while simplifying trial management.” Gatis Klaucans, Clinical Project Manager

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