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Annual Report: Why US Pharma Come to Russia for Clinical Trials

Industry Pages is released annually by OCT Clinical, a leading CRO in Eastern Europe, and gives accurate and useful information on the clinical trials environment in Russia and Eastern Europe, and how these clinical trials have performed in each respective year. The report is issued for industry experts, who are looking for new options to conduct clinical trials and examining the ecosystem of Eastern Europe.

Russia remains one of the top destinations for clinical trials globally. High recruitment rates, competitive quotes and a solid regulatory framework make Russia a great option for companies seeking to optimize their clinical trials without compromising quality, and to avoid issues common to other regions. Despite the pandemic-driven uncertainty in 2020, the overall clinical trial landscape in Russia has remained stable.

The Industry Pages report will enable readers to understand and gain insights into:

 Here you will find on:

  • Clinical trial in Russia (current statistics and emerging trends): Sponsors, CROs, Types of trials
  • FDA and Clinical Trials in Eastern Europe
  • Incidence data for a variety of therapeutic areas and indications
  • Stem cell research in Russia
  • COVID-19 implications for the market
  • Regulatory Details for Clinical Trial Application Approval in Eastern European Countries

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