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Why Conduct Oncology Clinical Trials in Eastern Europe?

Oncology is one the most studied therapeutic areas worldwide. According to GlobalData, oncology trials accounted for about a third of all clinical trials planned for 2020. Oncology trials also present some of the biggest challenges for Sponsors, particularly when it comes to delays in patient recruitment and other barriers to completing key trial milestones. With increasingly complex protocols and recruitment criteria, successful site activation for cancer trials is becoming more and more difficult to achieve.

Location factors heavily into a trial’s success or failure, and needs to be selected with close attention and consideration. As a trusted oncology CRO managing clinical trials in Eastern Europe, OCT Clinical is well-versed in the advantages that our region offers for studying a wide range of oncology indications.

Here, we have summarized the benefits of conducting oncology studies in Eastern Europe — including general features of the region as well as specialized CRO services available to Sponsors.

Clinical Trials in Eastern Europe: Overview

Eastern Europe offers a large patient pool, with a total population of over 250 million (as of 2021). While centralized medicine and cooperative private clinics make for accessible and quality research sites, the general state of healthcare in the country leaves a high proportion of patients lacking the care they need — particularly those living with cancer. Cancer patients in Eastern Europe show higher mortality rates than in the United States, some Asian countries, and Australia. Participation in clinical trials can be a more viable option for patients seeking treatment.

When outsourcing clinical trials to Eastern Europe, Sponsors benefit from the combination of willing patient participants and a growing volume of qualified research sites. Both factors can greatly improve enrollment rates and enable swift achievement of trial milestones.

Oncology CRO Services

Oncology research also involves a much higher volume of data than other therapeutic areas, and thus requires a robust set of tools and expertise to maintain its integrity throughout the course of the trial. Sponsors must have biostatistics services available to do just this. A local CRO that specializes in biostatistics services will provide the best chance at collecting high quality data. Their team will work to optimize study design and guide Sponsor teams through necessary regulatory steps to poise the trial for success.

Regulatory challenges can be disruptive in managing clinical trials, but Eastern Europe offers a favorable environment. The regulatory landscape — while complex — is dependable in its approval process. With an experienced oncology CRO partner, Sponsors have the infrastructure needed to move their trials through required processes with ease (and full compliance).

OCT Clinical: Proven Results in Eastern Europe

Since 2005, OCT Clinical has conducted over 80 oncology trials. With an excellent track record for swift enrollment as well as robust patient engagement solutions, OCT is equipped to meet challenges specific to oncology. CRO services within our scope of expertise also include medical writing, data management, regulatory support, and more.

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