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The Changing Landscape of Pharma and CRO Services Networking

In the pharma and life sciences industries, trade shows and conferences are inseparable from the profession. Most companies and individuals will attend the same events year after year, as they yield many new connections and can lead to fruitful partnerships.

COVID-19 accelerated shifts that had already begun in pharma, especially in the realms of technology and globalization. Pharma companies and contract research organizations, who once relied on travel and events to grow their networks, had to find new ways to connect online. The top global pharma networking conferences, including DIA, OCT, BIO, and more, kept their events virtual in 2021. There is good reason to believe these trends will continue to some degree long after the pandemic.

Building a strong business network is essential in managing clinical trials, and virtual events will always be an important avenue to making connections. We have spent considerable time adapting to digital networking environments — now, we should look to get more out of them.

Advantages of Virtual Networking for Pharma Professionals

Online networking and events have their drawbacks and can be tricky to navigate. On the other hand, they also offer unique opportunities and advantages. One major advantage is the absence of social pressures and conventions often present in crowded physical environments. Pharma and life sciences professionals can break out of these confinements and pursue connections they would not normally make. It can be easier to bridge gaps across generations, genders, and specialties without complex in-person dynamics.

With less demanding schedules, younger professionals also have the opportunity to explore career development through virtual events. Online conferences and webinars, which are often recorded and available for later viewing, can offer a wealth of insight on clinical research trends, managing clinical trials, and CRO services. They can also be excellent resources for exploring specific areas of interest, like project management in clinical trials and biostatistics services. While it can be easy to get lost in a sea of content, this new era of networking presents an excellent opportunity to hone in on areas of interest.

Globalization and Offshoring Clinical Trials

In clinical trial outsourcing, pharma companies are widening their horizons and taking a more global view of partnerships. From a networking standpoint, online events give teams and individuals even stronger opportunities to build relationships with organizations around the world. Representatives from foreign CROs are excellent contacts to make for managing clinical trials. All pharma professionals can fortify their networks by initiating and nurturing a variety of connections around the world. We recommend keeping an open mind, as these connections can pay dividends in the future.

Improving Clinical Study Management in a Virtual Age

As the industry contends with seismic shifts in communication and technology, one of the best ways to ensure success is to foster connection. Networking in a pandemic age can be tiresome, but it can also give clinical development professionals a chance to cultivate energy for innovation. Online conferences allow us to continue forming relationships, discover new ideas, and align all players on the most important challenges our industry faces. Where there is alignment, solutions will follow more easily. And with the right partnerships in place, we can continue to do what we do best: develop and test life-changing treatments for patients around the world.

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