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COVID-19 Crisis and the Future of Clinical Trials Services

Andrey Stefashin, Senior Project Manager at OCT Clinical, was invited for an interview by a Dutch Media outlet future of to talk about the future of clinical trials and how OCT manages the COVID-19 crisis.

«…It is quite clear now that the pandemic has negatively affected the whole clinical research community impeding the overall delivery of CRO services worldwide.  Just a couple of examples to mention based on our experience of running clinical trials in Europe: clinical study participants have to self-isolate or sometimes withdraw from studies; patients and CRAs cannot visit sites, because many of them are on a lockdown; hospitals change their profile and focus to treating COVID-19 patients…”

“All of the above have significant implications for managing clinical trials”

“Many of the changes we are making now to adapt to the pandemic will remain even after the pandemic is over.”

“Digital health technologies have become a potential solution. The effect of this pandemic could transform the future of clinical trials toward virtual trials and telehealth.”

“Development of digital and virtual technologies may have a great potential to transform clinical study management, however, we should keep in mind that many of processes within a virtualization approach are still under discussion waiting to be validated and approved by regulating authorities.”

Watch the full interview here: